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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Narrow escape for Biman’s DC-10

Biman DC-10
A DC-10 aircraft of Biman Bangladesh, the national flag carrier narrowly escaped major accident at the runway of the Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong yesterday during landing. The incident took place at around 10.30 last night (May 14). 

The aircraft left Dhaka with a number of passengers and arrived Chittagong at around 10.30pm, 5 hours delayed from its scheduled time. During landing, left side wheel of the front pair of wheels had friction with a piece of sharp corrugated iron sheet and was cut slightly. Despite this, the aircraft landed safely without any casualties.  After necessary repairing, the flight departed Chittagong again for Abu Dhabi at around 1230 am.

According to sources, the piece of tin (corrugated iron sheet) may have been on the runway due to the inclement weather derived from the incoming Cyclone “Mohasen” which is assumed to hit coastal area of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar area this evening.

Man arrested with 6.3 KG Gold bars this time!


Airport Armed Police members recovered illegally brought 6.3 kg gold bars from a Bangladeshi passenger today at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. In this connection, one Delwar Hossain (42) has been arrested with some other illegally brought electronic goods.

Delwar Hossain arrived Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the morning by an Emirates flight from Dubai. Acting on tip off, Airport Armed Police forced the passenger to scan his bag at the green channel. While his baggage being scanned, Delwar Hossain tried to flee from the spot. At that very moment, Airport Armed Police members arrested him. After searching his body, police recovered 54 Gold biscuits which weighed about 6.3 kg worth around Bangladeshi Taka 2.5 crore. Besides this, Police and Custom Authority found 40 latest model cell phones (hidden inside a TV box) which worth around BDT 20 lacs.

In primary interrogation, Delwar admitted to police that he brought the Gold and other goods from Dubai and these consignment was brought in this way to avoid customs. 

Gold and other goods was deposited to the valuables storage of Customs authority and Customs authority lodged a First Information Report with the local Airport Police station in this connection against the arrested Delwar Hossain to initiate the thorough investigation process. Arrested Delwar hails from Shariatpur District, sources confirmed.

According to the sources, a number of syndicates bring Gold biscuits illegally to avoid customs tax and uses different persons to carry these consignments. After bringing these gold biscuits, they are distributed among a good number of Jewelers who are the main beneficiary of such acts. Like Delwar, a good number of frequent flyers are involved in such smuggling business who are basically the carrier only. According to the existing law of the country, a person can carry 200 grams of Gold while entering into the country without paying any customs or tax. But beyond this limit, customs duty is to be imposed on gold and these smuggling syndicates try to get away without paying any taxes. 

Beside this latest haul of 6.3 kg gold, Airport Armed Police members seized 1.5 kg gold on February 22, 2013, 7kg gold on January 7, 2013 and 13.6 kg gold on September 10, 2012.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dacoit leader arrested

Jalil Khan (32), an alleged dacoit leader was arrested at around 9.15 am on 23rd January, 2013 at the transit area of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Being tipped off, Airport Armed Police arrested him today while he was trying to evade arrest flying  Oman by a Flydubai air flight today. Information was such that he was due to leave the country yesterday, but later he changed the date.
Jalil Khan is accused of a dacoity case in Savar Model Thana area of Dhaka where he along with others took part in a dacoity operation in Masud & Company, a chemical factory in Savar. Jalil Khan hails from Agoiljhara thana of Barisal district.
Later he was handed over to Savar Model Thana police.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Around 7 Kg gold seized: arrested 3

Around 7 Kg gold bars has been seized at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport this morning by Airport Police. Police also arrested 3 persons in connection to this incident from the multi-storied parking at the airport. The arrested persons are Md. Kabir Ahmed (35) who is a Civil Aviation Authority security employee, Md. Morshed Alam (27) and Belal Ahmed (25), the driver of Belal Ahmed.
At about 10 am, a passenger known to be one Md. Abdus Satter (as described by the arrestee Kabir) arrived at the airport by a Gulf Air flight GF250 from Manama. He then entered the washroom of the adjacent boarding bridge and handed over the gold bars to Kabir Ahmed, who was engaged in duty in that area. Sources said being tipped off, plain clothed police from Airport Armed Police followed Kabir when he left his working place and marched towards multi-storied parking of the airport through gate no 6 which is basically used for airport staffs. Kabir was caught red handed by the Airport Police when he was trying to hand over the gold bars to its owner Morshed Alam. At that time, both of them tried to escape but the airport police caught them after a short chase. Later 4 bars of gold was recovered from the blazer worn by Kabir Ahmed.
In presence of all concerned authorities of the airport, the bars wrapped in scotch tape were opened and 60 biscuits of gold were found each weighing 10 tolas. The price of the seized gold assumed to be around 3.75 crore BDT.
In primary interrogation, the arrested Morshed Alam told police that he is the main shareholder of this consignment and Kabir was supposed to be given 30,000 BDT for his job. He also admitted that he was involved in 6-7 such smuggling case previously, sources said.
Later, a lawsuit was lodged at the local police station in this regard.

Biman employees calls indefinite strike

Biman employees in blockage programme
Employees of Biman Bangladesh Airlines called indefinite strike at the Hazrat Shahjalal International as their 7 point demand was not met by the Biman authorities. They demonstrated daylong blockade at the Balaka Bhaban, the headquarters of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national flag carrier of Bangladesh.
Biman employees pressed their 7 point demand to the Biman authority which included the withdrawal of case against the President of Biman Shromik League Md. Moshiqur Rahman, implementation of organogram of the organization, grant of 100% medical allowance, increasing lunch allowance from 50 to 150 Tk etc.
Earlier, Biman employees confined Managing Director of Biman Md. Mosaddique Ahmed demanding the implementation of their 7 point demand yesterday until midnight. As Biman MD did not respond to their demands, employees took position at the entrance of the Balaka Bhaban today. Biman high officials facing the agitation failed to enter the office this morning and left office premise. Then the general employees announced ultimatum to press home their 7-point demands by 5PM today. Observing the situation, the blockade program was extended by half an hour but with no fruit at all. Then at around 6PM, the Biman Employees League announced non-stop strike program starting from 6 am tomorrow at all the airports of Bangladesh.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines has been the sole agency for cargo and luggage handling including ground services at the airport (Except for United Airways). Because of the announced strike, uncertainty remains at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport regarding ground services. It is assumed that a huge number of passengers will be the victim of this situation at the airport.

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